That Snow Moon.

Been a busy week here, we’re taking care of a stray German Shepard until we can find it a home. :/. That said, it’s May 4th, Star Wars day(as in… “May the Fourth be with you”), and I thought it would be cool to check how the Twins fared on Star Wars release days.

Original Trilogy

  • Star Wars(VI) was released May 25th, 1977 – on that day the Twins played a double-header against the Boston Red Sox. The Twins won both 13-5, and 9-4 respectively.
    Top performers: Game One(13-5) – Rod Carew had four singles and a double, Lyman Bostock(2 doubles), Larry Hisle(5 RBIs, all with 2 outs), Larry Hisle, Dan Ford mashed home runs. Game Two(9-4) – Rod Carew(1 RBI), Lyman Bostock(2 walks, 1 RBI), Glenn Adams(3 RBI) with two hits each.
  • The Empire Strikes Back(V) was released May 21st, 1980 – on that day the Twins took the field against the Chicago White Sox, and won 3-2. Despite giving the Sox a run in the 9th, the Twins prevailed.
    Top performers: John Castino had 4 hits, and Jose Morales had two of his own, including a HR. Geoff Zahn pitched 9IP/7H/2R/2ER/4BB/2K finishing the game in 2 hours and 33 minutes – 30 minutes longer than Empire.
  • Return of the Jedi(VI) was released on May 25th, 1983 – the Twins played the Baltimore Orioles that night, winning 7-4 with the 4 run second inning being the difference.
    Top performers: Kent Hrbek(2-5, 4 RBI), Bobby Mitchell(2-5, 1 RBI), Gary Gaetti(3-4, 1 RBI).

Pre-quel Trilogy

  • The Phantom Menace(I) was released May 19th, 1999 – the Twins played the Seattle Mariners and were 5-hit shutout in a 7-0 loss.
    Top performers: Chad Allen(2-3, SB).
  • Attack of the Clones(II) was released May 16th, 2002 – the Twins destroyed the Kansas City Royals 14-5 with 18 hits! Another double filled Twins/Star Wars night, as Jay Canizaro, Denny Hocking, David Ortiz, Bobby Kielty, and Brian Buchanan tallying two baggers. Ex-Twin Chuck Knoblauch went 0-3, with a walk and two stolen bases.
    Top performers: Torii Hunter(4-6, 2 HR, 4 RBI), Jacque Jones(2-6, HR, 2 RBI), Cristian Guzman(HR, 1 RBI), Tom Prince(2-4, HR, 3 RBI). Kyle Lohse(4), Jack Cressend(1), Bob Wells, and Mike Trombley(4) only gave up nine hits through 9 innings.
  • Revenge of the Sith was released May 19th, 2005 – the Twins matched up against the Toronto Blue Jays that day(first non-night game), winning 4-0 on a 7 hitter by starter Joe Mays.
    Top performers: Michael Cuddyer(1-4, 2B, 2 RBI), Mike Redmond(2-4, 2 RBI), Joe Mays(9 IP/7H/0R/0ER/0BB/2K).

We all lost the night Phantom Menace was released(the jokes write themselves…), but all in all, the Twins play really well on Star Wars release nights(5-1). The Force Awakens opened December 18th, 2015, Rogue One December 16th, 2016, and The Last Jedi is set to open December 15th, 2017 – but Episode IX returns to a May release – the 24th in 2019. I predict a win! May the 4th be with you. :).


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Meeting athletes

I’ve never been a fan of stalking athletes outside of the stadium, or mailing stuff to the spring training asking for an autograph. There’s just too much to keep track of which players sign when, where, how many, etc. Players are people too. They may have a bad day, or have other concerns on their mind, or a whole host of issues when an auto hound asks for their time. I guess I’m much more passive and would rather catch them at signing events. That said, I’ve only had some minor successes at the stadium.

My first success was in 1999 at the Metrodome after a July game. My uncle suggested we wait outside the player exit where he had his best successes. Shortly after the game, relief pitching rookie Joe Mays came out and stayed. He must have chatting with everyone, signing everything anyone had, multiple items included. A trooper! Two years later Twins fans would cheer him on to 17 wins as a starter. Injuries derailed his career, but he helped fuel my love of baseball and the Twins. I’d later add another Joe Mays autographed card via trade.

Another time, I happened to catch one of the voices of the upper mid-west. After another blowout, in a scene straight from the movies, I happened to run into Herb Carneal of WCCO fame. A Twins area legend, having broadcast their games from 1962 until his unfortunate death on April 1st, 2007. Many older(slightly, or ancient 😛 ) fans will remember him for his game calls, but I’ll remember him for the brief moment we shared. In a slight misting, underneath a light post awaiting a cab/ride Mr. Carneal had already entertained several guests. Not one to be left out, I guickly beat feet to ask for a signature. Without even blinking, he reached out for my ball, asked what I thought of the game, and returned it. Ink added! We talked for what seemed like hours(probably no more than a minute), and being the timid and a true introvert type, I sensed it was probably time to leave the elder radio announcer to his waiting for a ride. Who knows, maybe I brought a fun breakup from a rather dull stand-by…

While I’m mostly a Twins fan, I did attend a few Vikings games when we lived in New Orleans. One time in particular we went to a game with one of my dad’s co-workers who normally provided event security. Once the game ended(Vikings won), he suggested a route to exit where the team buses normally are located. Most players ignored us, but star QB Daunte Culpepper stopped to sign for a few of us, myself included. Photo above. Right before the bus pulled off, the door swung open and this big, tall man stood before me. He stuck his huge hand out and grabbed my ball, signed it and handed it back before getting back on the bus and leaving. So that’s how I got our head coach at the time, Mike Tice’s autograph. He signed right on the logo, but it still counts!

There’s definitely a finesse to getting autographs from players, whether in person or through the mail. I’m grateful each time I’m successful, but I’ll leave the hounding to the pros.

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