Star Trekkin’

After yesterday’s celebratory Star Wars post, how about we look at the other half of nerdom and check the Twins record when Star Trek movies/TV series released/aired? Since it started as a TV show first, we’ll begin there.


  • Star Trek: The Original Series aired September 8th, 1966 on NBC. The Twins didn’t play this day, but did win the next day 6-1 against the Baltimore Orioles.
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series first aired September 8th, 1973 on NBC. The Twins defeated the Chicago White Sox 6-2.
    Top performers: Larry Hisle(3-4, 2B, 3 RBI), Bobby Darwin(2-4, 2B, 2 RBI).
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation aired September 28th, 1987(the day after my birth…). My first full day on Earth, the Twins won 5-3. clinching the AL West. You can watch the final play here.
    Top performers: Steve Lombardozzi(2-4, HR, 4 RBI), Greg Gagne(2-5), Kent Hrbek(2-3, 2B, 2 walks), Ron Washington(1-3, 2B).
  • Star Trek: Enterprise debuted September 26th, 2001. On the fourth day back after the September 11th tragedy, the Twins lost to the Chicago White Sox 6-3. Starter Rick Reed fell apart in the 5th and 6th innings after previously holding the White Sox scoreless.
    Top performers: David Ortiz(2-4) A.J. Pierzynski(2-4, 2 RBI). Everyone in the starting lineup, *and* pinch hitter Bobby Kielty had at least one hit except Brian Buchanan(0-4, 1K).

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine(January 3rd, 1993), Star Trek Voyager(January 16th, 1995) premiered during the off-season.


  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan premiered June 4th, 1982. The Twins beat the Orioles 6-0 improving to a 13-41 record….
    Top performers: Ron Washington(3-4, HR, 1 RBI), Jesus Vega(1-3, 2B, 2 RBI), Gary Ward(1-4, HR, 2 RBI), Terry Felton(3.1 IP, 1 H, 3 Walks, 6K) – struck out Cal Ripken to enter the game with the bases loaded, with the O’s down 0-4 at the time after starter Brad Havens allowed single to Ex-Twin Disco Dan Ford, Benny Ayala singled, and walked Ken Singleton.
  • Star Trek III: The Search for Spock came to theaters June 1st, 1984. The Twins faced the Royals, and lost 7-1 falling to 24-26. We’d get the better of Royals starter Charlie Leibrandt in 1991. :D.
    Top performers: Kirby Puckett(2-4), Tim Teufel(1-4, 1 RBI), Tom Brunansky(1-2, 2BB), Ron Washington(1-3, 2B).
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier opened in theaters June 9th, 1989. The Twins faced the Angels(California at the time…), and lost 9-3. Starting pitcher Allan Anderson, relievers Mike Dyer, Gary Wayne, and closer Jeff Reardon all got slammed, with Wayne allowing the least ER(1), everyone else allowed 2 or more earned runs…
    Top performers: Brian Harper(3-4, 2B), Kent Hrbek(1-4, HR, 1 RBI), Gary Gaetti(1-4, HR, 1 RBI).

Star Trek: The Motion Picture(December 7th, 1979), Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home(November 26th, 1986), and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country(December 6th, 1991) all premiered in the off-season.

Much worse record than during Star Wars release nights. Interestingly, the Twins two losses follow the “…only watch even numbered Star Trek film” mythos – winning ST: II, losing ST: III, ST: V. The Twins fared much better for TV releases, winning two of three – including clinching the 1987 AL West. However, the Twins record in Star Wars release nights(5-1) vs. Star Trek(2-3) is just another reason why I’m a bigger fan of Star Wars. :D.


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A great score.

When I first started going to the different card stores in my area, I looked for cheap Twins to pickup to finish off my team sets and to add to my autograph/relic collection. This is the story of one of my best pickups by price and quality. The closest card store to my house was a smaller shop that was inside of an old gas station. Really. They stored their 1990s junk wax cards inside the cooler! It was an eclectic shop to say the least. However in the display cases was the card below:

1989 Upper Deck #376 Kirby Puckett.

Nothing special about the card, except that it was inked by BOTH players on the card! Is that a young Mark McGwire? Yup. A ‘veteran’ of five seasons at that point Kirby Puckett leading off first? Yup. Both players signatures changed throughout the years, but Kirby’s signature matches a few others in my collection, and according to this website, Big Mac’s signature dates to 1988 and/or 1989. Sweet. All for the low, low price of 5$? Pfft. Yes please. I’ve spent more on other unauthenticated in-person autographs. I’ve always wondered what the second signer thought while signing…

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3 more Diamond Kings boxes

Today being Babe Ruth‘s birthday, I figured I would share the last several boxes of DK that never got posted here. I hit it big at the casino one night, and awarded myself with a few boxes. No Babes here, we all can’t have nice cards like Eric:

First, the minis:

Not a bad lineup, as of 2016 season’s end there’s 17 All-Star games, 5 World Series titles(Henrich), 3 MVPs, 2 Rookie of the Year awards across these four players. A combined 472 HR, 1626 RBI, 113.3 bWAR, with 46-30 WL record, 812 strikeouts, and a 3.29 ERA. Could pick a worse four minis, and this is without the other two minis from t he third box. :).

Pocket pool of letters in his name, Xander Bogaerts leads the ‘hits’ section. Something he’s done a lot of since making it to the big league in 2013 as his 162 game average of 180 hits demonstrates. The two-time Silver Slugger(2015/16) added All-Star next to his name in 2016 for the Red Sox. Pretty plain jersey relics, numbered to 99.

2015 All-Star, mashes at the plate, finished 6th in Rookie of the Year voting(2015). Bright young star, a card to hold onto for now. :).

A prospect in the truest definition of the word, Zimmer’s yet to make an MLB appearance and sits in AA as of 2016. 3.22 ERA with 285 K’s in 232 innings pitched. Not much of note here, plain jane relics, not a huge name… NEXT!

CardJunk‘s favorite! Jason Heyward. Four Gold Gloves as a RF – first player in three successive years to play for three teams and win a Gold Glove each year, 2010 All-Star, and 2016 World Series champ who should surpass 1,000 career hits this year he only needs 74.

2016 All-Star, World Series game six hero. Numbered 1 of 99! #EbayJuanofJuan. Plus, look at all that dirt on the right patch. Filthy.

Goldy! Four time All-Star Game participant, two Gold Gloves, two Silver Sluggers, two second place MVP finishes. Numbered to 25! Needs to work on his ‘Harmon Killebrew’ signature though.

No, he’s not a ‘Star’ actor, but this A’s/Cubs and former Buck O’Neill scouted Left Fielder/DH looks amazing in green and yellow on card. A sweet curvy autograph to boot on this numbered to 49 card makes this my favorite of the three boxes.

If BlowoutBuzz‘s preview is any indication, my addiction may continue into 2017. Color you shocked, I know.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Babe. :).

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2017 Collecting Focus

In years past, I’d set where my focus for what I would like my collection to reach, and most years I surpassed them. I got the idea for this post, from twitter/blogger friend here, though I probably should’ve posted it towards the end of last year – not a month into the calendar year, eh? I’ve always had a sort of unofficial list of things I wanted to complete each year, but maybe this year’s being in “print” will hold me to them moar.

I’ve always set a percent that I thought the main Twins collection should increase up to, be it 70%, 75%, etc. While there’s only one team, all the base sets of Topps, Bowman, Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss, Score, Pinnacle, Panini, etc…. do amount to a good bit of cardboard. This year’s no different, except that I’d like to see O-Pee-Chee reach 20%. That’s a tad under 100 cards, of which COMC orders like the next post detail, and later junk wax era production value should help finish easily.

While I can’t produce the cards for the companies, I can hope for more cards for my player collections. New cards for two of them are mostly out of reach, with one being a late 1970s/1980s player(Wayne Nordhagen), and the other(Kevin Millar) eschewing the MLBPA during the 1994 strike – decimating his amount of cards produced in later years of his career. The third(Ryan Eades), for my high school coaches son, kinda depends on his minor league success, and the Twins need for pitching – though hasn’t had any non-team issued cards since 2014. It’s arguable whether I’m actually collecting an old high school teammate’s(Logan Morrison) cards or not; having moved onto more team focused sets.

ALL of that said, I’d like to finish off my first hobby collection this year – Nordy. There’s a few ABPA cards that were produced that I never picked up, and while I’ve bought un-produced photo slides – I never did finish a few of his base O-Pee-Chee cards. Heh, oops. While I won’t turn any down, Millar cards may be pushed into 2018’s focus. I’m always looking for new Eades cards, having added a printing plate just this week! I should probably pick up the team issued cards for 2015, 2016 though… I should probably look into getting an updated checklist for LoMo and knock out some base cards, shouldn’t be too expensive.
Last year I knocked out pretty much all of the remaining major rookies at card shows:

This year my OCD won’t let that 1955 Topps PSA graded card be crossed off my checklist. The reason being? It’s not able to be put into the binder with the rest of the set. SUUUUURE I could scan it, crop it, and put a printed out copy there. I could also use one of the plethora of reprinted copies in it’s place. But none would sit right, so this year I’m on the hunt for a bargain Harmon Killebrew rookie. I could also use one of his 1955 Topps Double-Headers cards that he shares with future Twin coach Johnny Podres.

Finally, if I hit the card budget lottery, I’d love to finish the last of Topps. With the exception of the upcoming 2017 Flagship, the only remaining cards I need lie between the years 1961-1967 with no year having more than three missing. If I somehow nail these, next year’s resolution would probably contain 1951-1960 Topps.  But that’s all neither here nor there, what is however is the below summarized:

  • 20% of O-Pee-Chee set needs.
  • Finish off easy PC needs – Nordhagen, Millar, Eades, Morrison
  • Pickup another(ungraded) 1955 Topps Harmon Killebrew, and a 1955 Topps Double-Headers #111/112 Harmon Killebrew/Johnny Podres
  • 1951-1967 Topps missing cards. 19 remaining – 20 if you count the ungraded Killebrew.

How many of these will I actually complete? How many boxes of Diamond Kings will I open? Will Luke remain speechless in the new movie? Can Breath of the Wild be a better video game than Ocarina of Time(spoilers: …no? …but maybe?) Stay tuned!

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June 12th card show.

I barely got everything put away Saturday night before having to crash to make Sunday’s early morning entrance. Which would’ve worked had we not slept in. Oops. Lol. An hour drive up to Plano later, and our friends from Arkansas were back with the big Kirby Puckett/Twins collection, and a few new relics. I eluded to them having a few nice Kirby Puckett cards at this show in the last post, so let’s start with those…

2002 Topps Gallery relic:

2005 Donruss Greats relic:

Lastly, a card from a set that I’ve always wanted, Tools of the Game relic. Years ago I just missed out on a jersey, bat, glove, shoe quad-relic. Finally pulled the trigger on this one:


Beautiful cards especially considering when for those and a Stadium Club 1st Day issue Kirby Puckett they only wanted 20$. Pfft. Yeah. Okay.

After that, I wandered over to Rich‘s booth who had two newer boxes that were mostly unsorted. I love seeing these from vendors – unsearched and ripe for the picking.

The early 1990s introduced mass produced minor league sets, which gave cards to players who would’ve never had cards. Such as the hand signed below J.T. “Beaver” Bruett cards below:

But in addition to those, his ripe new boxes had these miscuts, with apologies to Matt for sniping them from underneath their trade pile.

This poor 1966 Topps Jim Kaat didn’t know what to do with itself, both slanted, and miscut top to bottom:

Next up was a 1975 Topps Bert Blyleven that may be hard to see, but there’s a slight tab of white along the right border. I’ve always liked this card, showing the “down time” during a game:

My final pickup of the weekend, this 1970 Topps Stan Williams which suffers from left to right printing errors as you can see on the back:

Whether through malice, lazy quality control, or “backdoor” quality these cards made it out of the Topps facility, and found their way to a Twins fan ultimate show-off binder. Looking forward to the next show, and possibly one in Minneapolis?!? Till next time folks…

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May 28th Card Show

Even before the plane landed in Arlington, we were hearing news of big Twins collections being brought to the show on the next weekend. Word quickly traveled from vendor to vendor, to show coordinator to vendor to us. Heard it through the grapevine, for sure. I wanna apologize ahead of time, I didn’t realize the photos were so washed out… But what a Twins collection it was, nearly worthy of rivaling mine! Several 1985 Topps and Fleer Kirby Puckett rookies, a ton of 1990s parallels and inserts, and some oddball magazines and children’s sized Puckett glove:


But we’re all here for cards, right? Matt and I worked a trade(ongoing, I might add…) for a ton of 1980s Fleer Twins inserts, stickers, and some vintage:

1933 Goudey! The printing sheet was likely too wet when stacked, and you can visibly see the card fronts on the back of Mr. Russell. If you look hard enough, you can even make out the bottom “BIG LEAGUE CHEWING GUM” line for Mr. Burke’s card though not as blatant as Russell.

Blank back cards are easy enough to come by, but blank fronts are relatively rare! Well, maybe not for 1989 Topps… Still, a Kent Hrbek error card is always welcome into the collection.

Older in-person and through the mail autographs! Some of them in exceptional condition, some rare given player signing habits – or lack thereof(Allison). I have my similar autographs sorted alphabetically by player last name, and a few of these added new letter pages to my binder(Uhlaender, Versalles, Zimmerman) which is always nice!

Hometown-er Wayne Nordhagen received another misprint card for the binder with this 1981 Donruss card. Looks good all the way until you reach the Donruss logo in the corner. Always looking to add new cards here too!

Matt also hooked me up with a few of the remaining Kirby Puckett rookie cards that I needed. Two 1985 Topps stickers, a 1985 Fleer sticker, and a cutout sticker from the 1985 All-Star game hosted at the Metrodome. I’ve heard there’s some variations on the sticker backings, but one is enough for me, for now. #Research.

Back to the huge deal though, the vendor brought several binders and a few boxes to look through – letting me set aside any I’d want as later purchases. They said they’d bundle them into groupings of 10$, 20$, and the like for future shows – a very nice deal all things considered. There were a few things that I just couldn’t leave without, namely some oddball stuff:

But the big purchase, one that’s always eluded me, is the card below. Among the grouping of 1985 Fleer and Topps rookies in the collections box, there sat this card. I’ve been putting off picking one up because of the known fakes, but this one matched everything a real one is supposed to look like, and the original owner had the rest of the set minus Puckett and Roger Clemens. If that wasn’t a big enough clue, it’s from 1984 Fleer Update. U93? Still nothing? Check below. :D.








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Two day, part two. Sunday.

Sunday’s show was much, much quieter – with much less foot traffic. That combination usually works in the favor of the buyer, and as you’ll see – it did for me.

This weird 1990s oddball display has two Kirby Puckett cards encapsulated in plastic. One of them being his Topps rookie, so does it deserve to be featured alongside my other Puckett rookies? Probably not, it was printed off later. :/. It’s still pretty cool, and I only traded two cards from our dollar bin for it. Trades were easy to come by as most everyone who’s shown up have empty wallets and show-plague. If it were possible to be worn down by so many shows, this #FirstWorldProblem was on display Sunday.

Matt shared some of his soon-to-be-graded card porn. Beautiful. Can’t wait to see what their grades come back as… plus who doesn’t love original Allen & Ginter??

With an assist from the previously mentioned Kirby Puckett display piece, here’s a 1970 Topps scratch off game. I had one of these, but the second half was ripped off. An intact replacement was welcome. :).


Cheap pickups – inserts, 70s oddball, and a few parallels and variations. Yep.


The highlight of the bunch. Two buybacks, and a beautiful Rated Rookie #/d insert Kennys Vargas from Rich, a scribbled on Herb Score for Angela’s collection, and the only Topps card that I needed for flagship between 1968 and the current year. Stupid high series 1972s…

Rich had by far the most tables of anyone at the show, and we worked a previous great deal for acquiring Twins cards. Lots of parallels and inserts there, and check out the numbered/serial cards. The Wesley Johnson is the oddity of the bunch, as it’s numbered #/d xxx/499.


Oh, did I mention ex-Twins pitcher Pat Mahomes was present signing?


Because I may have taken advantage of that. Super nice guy, even talked a bit about planning a trip to Target Field with Torii(Hunter) and LaTroy(Hawkins) this summer, and how “Terry”(read as Terry Ryan, Twins GM) has been trying to have him as a pitching coach in the minors for years. His reply paraphrased “I’ve already rode enough buses for that. I’m good.” Also, Pat may have hinted that he passed along the contact info for the previously mentioned, now retired, ex-Twins to the show organizers. I’d gladly welcome them to future shows!

Still watching: Home Run Derby – Bob Allison edition.
Next up: I swear I’ll get to 70s miscuts eventually…
Shoulder: Weather related arthritis/pain. :/.

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