Donruss Team Checklist

2018’s first release from Panini has a checklist! I’ve broken them down by type, and team, naturally. Some tidbits first – every current team(Expos – 2) have at least four base cards, one insert, and two auto/relic/buybacks. Only 24 teams are represented on the base variation list. Team USA has 24 “inserts” including top prospects Seth Beer, Nick Madrigal, and more. Should be a fun set to chase again this year. :).

Base #   Inserts #   Variations #   Autos/Hits #  
Astros 17   USA Collegiate 26   Yankees 6   Yankees 28  
Dodgers 17   Rockies 11   Indians 5   Astros 17  
Cubs 15   Dodgers 10   Cubs 4   Dodgers 13  
Yankees 15   Yankees 10   Dodgers 4   Rangers 13  
Indians 13   Angels 9   Red Sox 4   Cardinals 12  
Mets 13   Astros 8   Angels 3   Mets 11  
Red Sox 13   Red Sox 7   Astros 3   Angels 10  
Cardinals 12   Diamondbacks 6   Orioles 3   Padres 10  
Mariners 12   Indians 6   White Sox 3   Red Sox 10  
Rockies 12   Nationals 6   Braves 2   Indians 9  
Nationals 11   Athletics 3   Cardinals 2   Mariners 9  
Reds 11   Padres 3   Mets 2   Cubs 8  
Braves 10   Phillies 3   Rockies 2   Athletics 7  
Twins 10   Reds 3   Athletics 1   Orioles 7  
Orioles 9   Blue Jays 2   Giants 1   Reds 7  
Rangers 9   Brewers 2   Mariners 1   Twins 7  
Royals 9   Cardinals 2   Nationals 1   Diamondbacks 6  
Angels 8   Cubs 2   Padres 1   Nationals 6  
Brewers 8   Orioles 2   Pirates 1   Braves 5  
Diamondbacks 8   Pirates 2   Rangers 1   Phillies 5  
Giants 8   Rangers 2   Reds 1   Royals 5  
Athletics 7   Rays 2   Royals 1   White Sox 5  
Padres 7   Tigers 2   Tigers 1   Marlins 4  
Tigers 7   White Sox 2   Twins 1   Pirates 4  
Blue Jays 6   Braves 1         Tigers 4  
Phillies 6   Giants 1         Blue Jays 3  
Pirates 5   Mariners 1         Brewers 3  
White Sox 5   Marlins 1         Giants 3  
Marlins 4   Mets 1         Rays 3  
Expos 2   Royals 1         Rockies 2  
Rays 2   Twins 1            

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Twin of the day.

2016 Panini Donruss PPM-MS Miguel Sano

This sweet relic came in a trade with Tracy. A “rookie” year huge relic from the crew at Panini. This is far from my first Miguel Sano relic/auto, but the first relic without an auto included. Woot. I believe these ‘Promising Pros’ relics were more common in retail than hobby.

Despite being injured at the moment, the 2017 All-Star has 54 doubles, 71 home runs, and 195 RBIs in 307 career games. That works out to a 162 game average of 28 doubles, 37 home runs, and 103 RBI. The star shines bright on the future. :).

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May 7th Card Show.

I’ve given a few box breaks of Diamond Kings and Perennial Draft Picks in the past, so instead of rehashing that, here’s the highlights of a recent break during a card show. The show continued on Sunday, but being Mother’s Day, let’s just say my presence was required in more important places. Box one – another 2015 Diamond Kings. Sure I can’t strike gold every time I break a box, but you can’t make contact without swinging the bat! Plus I pulled a Twins hit! How often does that happen?

25 Rookies base
61 Base cards
Three short-prints, but 0 #/d cards. :(. Worse still, two of the short prints were the same player. :(.
Two framed Diamond Kings – #45 Eric Hosmer, #181 Terrance Gore.
Two DK Originals – #6 Madison Bumgardner, #8 Jose Abreu.
Two Nicknames – #3 Mariano Rivera, #5 Lou Gehrig.
Two Aficionados – #14 Rusney Castillo, #16 Miguel Cabrera.
Two HOF Sluggers – #3 Harmon Killebrew, #18 Johnny Bench.
Two minis – #202 Addison Russell, #238 Raisel Iglesias.
#082/299 Anthony Ranaudo dual relic, auto, and a #48/99 Joe Mauer bat, jersey relic!

With the lottery ticket out of the way, I broke three more cheap boxes of Perennial Draft Picks. A big spender saw the players I was pulling and decided to break a few himself. More on that later.
Box two Base – 103.
7 Inserts
4 2013 Draft Class – #113 Hunter Renfroe, #124 Billy McKinney, #131 Jason Hursh, #135 Cody Stubbs
2 Minors Gold – #2 Kaleb Cowart, #17 Dylan Bundy …..
1 Draft Hits – #11 Preston Beck
5 Prizm
2 Base – #13 Chris Taylor, #55 Stetson Allie
1 2013 Draft Class – #140 Ryan McMahon
1 Minors Gold – #2 Kaleb Cowart…..
1 Draft Hits – #13 Ross Stripling

1 Prizm #/d – Stat Leaders #3 Joey Gallo #11/20. Not a bad #/d card!

4 Autographs
Jeremy Rathien, Austin Wilson, Andrew Knapp, Aaron Judge #42/100 red prizm.

Box three:
102 base.
7 Inserts
4 2013 Draft Class – #106 Colin Moran, #108 Hunter Dozier, #128 Rob Kaminsky, #130 Travis Demeritte
2 Minors Gold – #13 Nick Williams, #23 D.J. Peterson
1 Draft Hits – #5 Tom Murphy

5 Prizm
2 Base – #3 Alen Hanson, #45 Mike O’Neill
1 2013 Draft Class – #106 COlin Moran
1 Minors Gold – #14 Sean Gilmartin
1 Draft Hits – #14 Josh Turley1 Prizm #/d – #16 Cory Vaughn #39/75
4 Autographs
#33 Aaron Judge prizm, #49 Byron Buxton(!) prizm, #62 Dixon Machado prizm, #98 Devon Travis
Very nice group here. So it was about this point that the big spender was paying for his second box, and I grabbed my third. Before I could start the third box he pulls this:

A #097/100 Byron Buxton! He said he had no real attachment to keeping it, and he’d be open to trading when we finished. Sweet. Box 4:
102 base.
7 Inserts
4 2013 Draft Class – #103 Hunter Dozier, #123 Alex Gonzalez, #130 Travis Demeritte, #134 Sean Manaea
2 Minors Gold – #5 Byron Buxton, #18 Kris Bryant – How’s about that?
1 Draft Hits – #4 Max Muncy

5 Prizm
2 Base – #41 Max Muncy, #84 Ryan Aper
1 2013 Draft Class – #106 Colin Moran
1 Minors Gold – #7 Maikel Franco
1 Draft Hits – #14 Josh Turley

2 Prizm #/d – #50 Richie Shaffer #058/100, #77 Tom Windle #063/100

4 Autographs#70 Alex Yarbrough, #77 Anthony DeSclafani prizm, #86 Chris Taylor prizm, #96 Austin Kubitza prizm.

So wrapping up the four boxes, and some searching on Beckett, COMC, and Ebay pricing later, we agreed to trade the prizm Aaron Judge(but not numbered!) and the Cory Vaugh prizm base #/d card for the #/100 Byron Buxton. Four boxes, three Twins – not bad. As this was during a card show, I had a few purchases there too. Namely some vintage: ’51 Bowman Irv Noren, ’53 Bowman Pete Runnels, ’55 Bowman Jim Lemon, and two ’52 Topps Eddie Yost, Floyd Baker. Also a few PC pickups:

Two retail parallels, a home and state parallel, and a #181/199 Chrome. If these are the types of shows Duane is gonna run, count me in for future shows!

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Withdrawal symptoms.

No, not related to my shoulder – that’s remaining well medicated for now… but without a show until nearly the middle of May, there’s not much to look forward to, so the local card shops have gotten plenty of our money. Most recently we bought four more boxes of 2013 Panini Perennial Draft Picks. I’ll highlight each below.

Box 1 definitely had the best value I think, with this Carlos Correa #/d to 100 insert. Shame it was the first pack of the break… :/.

20160426_170623234235Base – 102 including Maikel Franco(Philadelphia), 2x Kaleb Cowart(Los Angeles AL), Rock Shoulders(Chicago AL), Archie Bradley(Arizona), Mookie Betts(Boston), Kyle Zimmer(Kansas City), Gregory Polanco(Pittsburgh), Carlos Correa(Houston), Joey Gallo(Texas), 2x Jose Abreu(Chicago AL/Cuba National Team).

Inserts – 7 Total.
4 2013 Draft Class(Phillip Ervin, Cincinnati; Michael Lorenzen, Cincinnati; Josh Hart, Baltimore; Ian Clarkin, New York AL)
2 Minors Gold(Tom Murphy, Colorado; Kohl Stewart, Minnesota)
1 Draft Hits(Micah Johnson, Chicago AL)

Prizm – 5 Total
2 Base(Chris Kohler, Oakland; Rock Shoulders, Chicago AL)
1 2013 Draft Class(Rob Kaminsky, St. Louis), 1 Minors Gold(Tom Murphy, Colorado)
2 Draft Hits(Joc Pederson, Los Angeles NL; Tom Murphy, Colorado)
Enough Tom Murphy cards!!! #ThanksPanini.

Prizm #/d – 1 Base(Carlos Correa!, Houston #/050/100).

Autographs – Rosell Herrera, Colorado; Miguel Almonte, Kansas City, #/75 blue prizm redemption; Kaleb Cowart, Los Angeles AL, Prizm; Austin Wilson, Seattle, #020/100 red prizm.

20160426_170428Twins – 1 Minors Gold insert(Kohl Stewart), 5 Base(D.J. Baxendale, Stuart Turner, 2x Stephen Gonsalves, Brian Navarreto).

Box 2 was pretty average. Nothing overly special, relatively weak prizm and #/d group, and a headache with the Mike/Michael O’Neill autos in the same box. Even the backs of the cards mention the confusion.

Base – 103 including Carlos Correa, Joey Gallo, Archie Bradley, Maikel Franco, Kaleb Cowart(Los Angeles AL), Jose Abreu(Chicago AL/Cuba National Team), Gregory Polanco, 2x Rock Shoulders(Chicago NL), Kyle Zimmer amongst others.

Inserts – 7 Total.
2 Minors Gold(D.J. Peterson, Seattle; Archie Bradley, Arizona)
1 Draft Hits(Stetson Allie, Pittsburgh)
4 2013 Draft Class(Kohl Stewart, Minnesota; Dominic Smith, New York NL; Eric Jagielo, New York AL; Aaron Judge, New York AL).

Prizm – 5 Total.
2 Base(Joey Gallo, Texas; Colby Suggs, Miami)
1 Minors Gold(Courtney Hawkins, Chicago AL)
1 Draft Hits(Tom Murphy, Colorado)
1 2013 Draft Class(Chris Anderson, Los Angeles NL).
Gallo probably the best of the bunch, but that’s not too saying much.

Prizm #/d – 1 Base(Micah Johnson, Chicago AL #14/75).

Autographs – Dixon Machado, Detroit Prizm; Hunter Dozier, Kansas City Prizm; Michael O’Neill, New York AL; Mike O’Neill, St. Louis, #024/100.
If you’re curious – it’s Michael O’Neill that’s related to Paul(his son).

20160426_170459Twins – 4 Base(Ryan Walker, 2x Brian Navarreto, D.J. Baxendale, Stuart Turner, D.J. Baxendale, Stephen Gonsalves), 1 2013 Draft Class – Kohl Stewart. I think that’s a team set in one box. Very nice. :).

Box 3 A few inserts of players I’ve heard of, good base collation, but weak signature grouping. Also, another Kaleb Cowart. :/.

Base – 103 including Carlos Correa(Houston), Joey Gallo(Texas), Archie Bradley(Arizona), Maikel Franco(Philadelphia), Gregory Polanco(Pittsburgh), Rock Shoulders(Chicago NL), 2x Kyle Zimmer(Kansas City) amongst others.

Inserts – 7 total.
2 Minors Gold(Mark Appel, Houston; Max Fried, San Diego)
1 Draft Hits(Michael O’Neill, New York AL)
4 2013 Draft Class(Kohl Stewart, Minnesota; Dominic Smith, New York NL; Eric Jagielo, New York AL; Aaron Judge, New York AL). The last of which were exact duplicates of Box 2. #ThanksCollation.

Prizm – 5 total.
2 Base(Walker Gourley, Pittsburgh; Cory Vaughn, New York NL)
1 2013 Draft Class(Andrew Knapp, Philadelphia)
1 Minors Gold(Maikel Franco, Philadelphia)
1 Draft Hits(Chase DeJong, Toronto).

Prizm #/d – 1 All America Team Austin Meadows, Pittsburgh, #3/10.

Autographs – Luis Torrens redemption(who? New York AL), Austin Wilson(Seattle) Prizm, Kaleb Cowart(Los Angeles AL) Prizm, Eric Jagielo(New York AL).

20160426_170525Twins – 4 Base(Ryan Walker, Brian Navarreto, D.J. Baxendale, Stuart Turner), 1 2013 Draft Class – Kohl Stewart.

Box 4 probably has the best mix of the bunch all things considered. Tons of #/d and prizm cards, two nice low #/d autos, and a good mix of prospects.

Base – 101 including Archie Bradley(Arizona), Maikel Franco(Philadelphia), Jose Abreu(Chicago AL/Cuba National Team), Gregory Polanco(Pittsburgh), Kyle Zimmer(Kansas City), Joey Gallo(Texas), Rock Shoulders(Chicago NL), Mookie Betts(Boston), Kaleb Cowart(Los Angeles AL)…

Inserts – 7 Total.
2 Minors Gold(Archie Bradley, Arizona; D.J. Peterson, Seattle)
1 Draft Hits(Dustin Peterson, San Diego)
4 2013 Draft Class(D.J. Peterson, Seattle; Ian Clarkin, New York AL; Michael Lorenzen, Cincinnatti; Sean Manaea, Kansas City).

Prizm – 5 Total.
2 Base(Devon Travis, Detroit; Tom Windle, Los Angeles NL)
1 Draft Hits(Carson Kelly, St. Louis)
1 Minors Gold(Carlos Correa!, Houston)
1 2013 Draft Class(Riley Unroe, Tampa Bay).

20160426_182539-1Prizm #/d – 3 Total.
1 Base(Vincent Velasquez, Houston #75/75)
1 Press Clippings(Jacob May, Chicago AL)
1 First Overall Picks 1967(Ron Blomberg New York AL, 15/20).

serial.pngI nearly missed the last two as they look like a regular insert. I hadn’t seen either however so that tipped me off that they might be numbered – checking the back confirmed as such. I absolutely dislike(but respect) the evil empire so all of the Yankees cards is a big minus for this box.

Autographs – Roberto Osuna(Toronto), #84/100; Marco Gonzalez(St. Louis), #002/100; Cory Vaughn(New York NL); Micah Johnson(Chicago AL).

20160426_170553Twins – 5 Base(Ryan Walker, Brian Navarreto, D.J. Baxendale, Stephen Gonsalves, Stuart Turner).

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2nd 2015 Diamond Kings box.

I splurged leaving Nick’s and bought a second box of 2015 Diamond Kings for the road. I sure am glad that I did get a fourth box, as some of you may have seen on twitter. The hottest of hot boxes! Here’s what came in this box:

26 Rookies base
55 Base cards
5 white space filler cards, lol.

2 framed Diamond Kings – Cabrera base and McDougald #/99:

two DK Originals – Posey, Darvish

two Nicknames – Reggie, Chance

two Aficionados – Kershaw, Darvish

two HOF Sluggers – Reggie, Robinson

one numbered 15/99 base Adam Jones

two minis Castillo, Beltre

One 2014 Timeline Michael dual relic #20/99.

…and this! Some lady named Ruth used these. Wonder what she ever did… <insert more sandlot jokes here>.
Just look at that gorgeous pinstriped jersey/pant piece with nice stripes and that home run mashing bat!

I saw what you saw first. I was down to the last two packs in the box and jokingly said to Another__Castle that we’d either be hosed or pull a Babe Ruth relic. As a joke! Who knows the odds of pulling any of the Babe cards!? You can imagine how badly we wanted to fly to Las Vegas when we pulled this card. First I saw the 02/10 and knew I had pulled something super sweet, then I saw the name Babe Ruth. Flipping it over everything felt like movement in slow motion. Once flipped I saw the gorgeous front pictured above.

I may as well retire, I very likely will never pull anything nearly as nice. I checked eBay of course to see if I needed to add more to my renter’s insurance policy and while 400-1,000$ ain’t nothing to turn down, I feel that for a once in a lifetime hit I’d much rather keep it. What would you do? Plus, who wouldn’t love to be able to show off a nice Babe Ruth card?

Listening to: Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
Up next: Vintage stuff/April 9th/10th card shows.

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2015 Puh-Knee-Knee Perennial Draft Picks and Prospects.

Or Panini if you’re not myself or @eyedinh.

Here’s a fun set with soon to be stars – Panini’s Perennial Draft Picks/Prospects. Consisting of just drafted players, and prospects in the minors, this set is an attempt to attract the prospector types into buying other products than Bowman base/chrome/draft. We’re mostly concerned with vintage cards and current roster guys, so a lot of these players are big “Who’s this?” responses, but it’s still a fun break. Especially when on fire sale for under 40$.

We didn’t hit anything too big auto or #/d wise, but did find one nice parallel that Ivan will want we’re sure! Without further delay, here’s how the box broke down:

29 prospects with 1 Twin.
20 2014 Draft Class base including 1 Twin.

1 Insert – Minors Gold Prizm.

4 Prizm – 2 Prospects base, 2 2014 Draft Class base.


3 #/d Prizm cards 1 prospect, 2 2014 Draft Class.


3 #/d Auto cards two #/149, one #/100.

Twin count: 2. :(. Most cards for trade, check the checklists and make an offer. :).
Up next: the big kahuna! Stick around folks, same time, same bat channel. Or something like that. :D.

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2015 Donruss Hobby box

Our second box from Nicks that we opened was a box of 2015 Donruss that had been slightly discounted and what a hot box it was! I’m not sure what a normal box yields, but ours had 11 serial numbered cards, three autos, and a bat relic. It broke down like this:


3 Rated Rookies

5 Diamond Kings/All-Time Diamond Kings

12 Donruss Preferred

12 Elite(with an assist from Hangela)

1 Team USA collegiate(see previous)

4 1981 Donruss design cards

1 Longball Leaders

…and one Tony Gwynn card that highlights his .338 career batting average. For our serials we got the below:
Mike Piazza #/400, Jacoby Ellsbury #/280, Sonny Gray #/99, Corey Kluber #/199, Justin Upton #/999, Kennys Vargas #/999.
Miguel Cabrera #/524, Adam Wainwright #/299, Nolan Arenado #/287, Christian Walker #/400, Bryce Harper #/99.

For our hits we yielded these three very AL Central(but not Twins…) heavily representative autos:

and this Bat Kings relic:

Overall, not a bad break. I loved some of the inserts, especially the Heritage-like using of older designs, and naturally the Kennys Vargas #/d. If you don’t mind not having logos and team names, this is definitely a low end must purchase.

Up Next: Panini Perennial Draft Picks/Prospects, box #3 of the day.

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