May 28th Card Show

Even before the plane landed in Arlington, we were hearing news of big Twins collections being brought to the show on the next weekend. Word quickly traveled from vendor to vendor, to show coordinator to vendor to us. Heard it through the grapevine, for sure. I wanna apologize ahead of time, I didn’t realize the photos were so washed out… But what a Twins collection it was, nearly worthy of rivaling mine! Several 1985 Topps and Fleer Kirby Puckett rookies, a ton of 1990s parallels and inserts, and some oddball magazines and children’s sized Puckett glove:


But we’re all here for cards, right? Matt and I worked a trade(ongoing, I might add…) for a ton of 1980s Fleer Twins inserts, stickers, and some vintage:

1933 Goudey! The printing sheet was likely too wet when stacked, and you can visibly see the card fronts on the back of Mr. Russell. If you look hard enough, you can even make out the bottom “BIG LEAGUE CHEWING GUM” line for Mr. Burke’s card though not as blatant as Russell.

Blank back cards are easy enough to come by, but blank fronts are relatively rare! Well, maybe not for 1989 Topps… Still, a Kent Hrbek error card is always welcome into the collection.

Older in-person and through the mail autographs! Some of them in exceptional condition, some rare given player signing habits – or lack thereof(Allison). I have my similar autographs sorted alphabetically by player last name, and a few of these added new letter pages to my binder(Uhlaender, Versalles, Zimmerman) which is always nice!

Hometown-er Wayne Nordhagen received another misprint card for the binder with this 1981 Donruss card. Looks good all the way until you reach the Donruss logo in the corner. Always looking to add new cards here too!

Matt also hooked me up with a few of the remaining Kirby Puckett rookie cards that I needed. Two 1985 Topps stickers, a 1985 Fleer sticker, and a cutout sticker from the 1985 All-Star game hosted at the Metrodome. I’ve heard there’s some variations on the sticker backings, but one is enough for me, for now. #Research.

Back to the huge deal though, the vendor brought several binders and a few boxes to look through – letting me set aside any I’d want as later purchases. They said they’d bundle them into groupings of 10$, 20$, and the like for future shows – a very nice deal all things considered. There were a few things that I just couldn’t leave without, namely some oddball stuff:

But the big purchase, one that’s always eluded me, is the card below. Among the grouping of 1985 Fleer and Topps rookies in the collections box, there sat this card. I’ve been putting off picking one up because of the known fakes, but this one matched everything a real one is supposed to look like, and the original owner had the rest of the set minus Puckett and Roger Clemens. If that wasn’t a big enough clue, it’s from 1984 Fleer Update. U93? Still nothing? Check below. :D.









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Withdrawal symptoms.

No, not related to my shoulder – that’s remaining well medicated for now… but without a show until nearly the middle of May, there’s not much to look forward to, so the local card shops have gotten plenty of our money. Most recently we bought four more boxes of 2013 Panini Perennial Draft Picks. I’ll highlight each below.

Box 1 definitely had the best value I think, with this Carlos Correa #/d to 100 insert. Shame it was the first pack of the break… :/.

20160426_170623234235Base – 102 including Maikel Franco(Philadelphia), 2x Kaleb Cowart(Los Angeles AL), Rock Shoulders(Chicago AL), Archie Bradley(Arizona), Mookie Betts(Boston), Kyle Zimmer(Kansas City), Gregory Polanco(Pittsburgh), Carlos Correa(Houston), Joey Gallo(Texas), 2x Jose Abreu(Chicago AL/Cuba National Team).

Inserts – 7 Total.
4 2013 Draft Class(Phillip Ervin, Cincinnati; Michael Lorenzen, Cincinnati; Josh Hart, Baltimore; Ian Clarkin, New York AL)
2 Minors Gold(Tom Murphy, Colorado; Kohl Stewart, Minnesota)
1 Draft Hits(Micah Johnson, Chicago AL)

Prizm – 5 Total
2 Base(Chris Kohler, Oakland; Rock Shoulders, Chicago AL)
1 2013 Draft Class(Rob Kaminsky, St. Louis), 1 Minors Gold(Tom Murphy, Colorado)
2 Draft Hits(Joc Pederson, Los Angeles NL; Tom Murphy, Colorado)
Enough Tom Murphy cards!!! #ThanksPanini.

Prizm #/d – 1 Base(Carlos Correa!, Houston #/050/100).

Autographs – Rosell Herrera, Colorado; Miguel Almonte, Kansas City, #/75 blue prizm redemption; Kaleb Cowart, Los Angeles AL, Prizm; Austin Wilson, Seattle, #020/100 red prizm.

20160426_170428Twins – 1 Minors Gold insert(Kohl Stewart), 5 Base(D.J. Baxendale, Stuart Turner, 2x Stephen Gonsalves, Brian Navarreto).

Box 2 was pretty average. Nothing overly special, relatively weak prizm and #/d group, and a headache with the Mike/Michael O’Neill autos in the same box. Even the backs of the cards mention the confusion.

Base – 103 including Carlos Correa, Joey Gallo, Archie Bradley, Maikel Franco, Kaleb Cowart(Los Angeles AL), Jose Abreu(Chicago AL/Cuba National Team), Gregory Polanco, 2x Rock Shoulders(Chicago NL), Kyle Zimmer amongst others.

Inserts – 7 Total.
2 Minors Gold(D.J. Peterson, Seattle; Archie Bradley, Arizona)
1 Draft Hits(Stetson Allie, Pittsburgh)
4 2013 Draft Class(Kohl Stewart, Minnesota; Dominic Smith, New York NL; Eric Jagielo, New York AL; Aaron Judge, New York AL).

Prizm – 5 Total.
2 Base(Joey Gallo, Texas; Colby Suggs, Miami)
1 Minors Gold(Courtney Hawkins, Chicago AL)
1 Draft Hits(Tom Murphy, Colorado)
1 2013 Draft Class(Chris Anderson, Los Angeles NL).
Gallo probably the best of the bunch, but that’s not too saying much.

Prizm #/d – 1 Base(Micah Johnson, Chicago AL #14/75).

Autographs – Dixon Machado, Detroit Prizm; Hunter Dozier, Kansas City Prizm; Michael O’Neill, New York AL; Mike O’Neill, St. Louis, #024/100.
If you’re curious – it’s Michael O’Neill that’s related to Paul(his son).

20160426_170459Twins – 4 Base(Ryan Walker, 2x Brian Navarreto, D.J. Baxendale, Stuart Turner, D.J. Baxendale, Stephen Gonsalves), 1 2013 Draft Class – Kohl Stewart. I think that’s a team set in one box. Very nice. :).

Box 3 A few inserts of players I’ve heard of, good base collation, but weak signature grouping. Also, another Kaleb Cowart. :/.

Base – 103 including Carlos Correa(Houston), Joey Gallo(Texas), Archie Bradley(Arizona), Maikel Franco(Philadelphia), Gregory Polanco(Pittsburgh), Rock Shoulders(Chicago NL), 2x Kyle Zimmer(Kansas City) amongst others.

Inserts – 7 total.
2 Minors Gold(Mark Appel, Houston; Max Fried, San Diego)
1 Draft Hits(Michael O’Neill, New York AL)
4 2013 Draft Class(Kohl Stewart, Minnesota; Dominic Smith, New York NL; Eric Jagielo, New York AL; Aaron Judge, New York AL). The last of which were exact duplicates of Box 2. #ThanksCollation.

Prizm – 5 total.
2 Base(Walker Gourley, Pittsburgh; Cory Vaughn, New York NL)
1 2013 Draft Class(Andrew Knapp, Philadelphia)
1 Minors Gold(Maikel Franco, Philadelphia)
1 Draft Hits(Chase DeJong, Toronto).

Prizm #/d – 1 All America Team Austin Meadows, Pittsburgh, #3/10.

Autographs – Luis Torrens redemption(who? New York AL), Austin Wilson(Seattle) Prizm, Kaleb Cowart(Los Angeles AL) Prizm, Eric Jagielo(New York AL).

20160426_170525Twins – 4 Base(Ryan Walker, Brian Navarreto, D.J. Baxendale, Stuart Turner), 1 2013 Draft Class – Kohl Stewart.

Box 4 probably has the best mix of the bunch all things considered. Tons of #/d and prizm cards, two nice low #/d autos, and a good mix of prospects.

Base – 101 including Archie Bradley(Arizona), Maikel Franco(Philadelphia), Jose Abreu(Chicago AL/Cuba National Team), Gregory Polanco(Pittsburgh), Kyle Zimmer(Kansas City), Joey Gallo(Texas), Rock Shoulders(Chicago NL), Mookie Betts(Boston), Kaleb Cowart(Los Angeles AL)…

Inserts – 7 Total.
2 Minors Gold(Archie Bradley, Arizona; D.J. Peterson, Seattle)
1 Draft Hits(Dustin Peterson, San Diego)
4 2013 Draft Class(D.J. Peterson, Seattle; Ian Clarkin, New York AL; Michael Lorenzen, Cincinnatti; Sean Manaea, Kansas City).

Prizm – 5 Total.
2 Base(Devon Travis, Detroit; Tom Windle, Los Angeles NL)
1 Draft Hits(Carson Kelly, St. Louis)
1 Minors Gold(Carlos Correa!, Houston)
1 2013 Draft Class(Riley Unroe, Tampa Bay).

20160426_182539-1Prizm #/d – 3 Total.
1 Base(Vincent Velasquez, Houston #75/75)
1 Press Clippings(Jacob May, Chicago AL)
1 First Overall Picks 1967(Ron Blomberg New York AL, 15/20).

serial.pngI nearly missed the last two as they look like a regular insert. I hadn’t seen either however so that tipped me off that they might be numbered – checking the back confirmed as such. I absolutely dislike(but respect) the evil empire so all of the Yankees cards is a big minus for this box.

Autographs – Roberto Osuna(Toronto), #84/100; Marco Gonzalez(St. Louis), #002/100; Cory Vaughn(New York NL); Micah Johnson(Chicago AL).

20160426_170553Twins – 5 Base(Ryan Walker, Brian Navarreto, D.J. Baxendale, Stephen Gonsalves, Stuart Turner).

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Two day, part two. Sunday.

Sunday’s show was much, much quieter – with much less foot traffic. That combination usually works in the favor of the buyer, and as you’ll see – it did for me.

This weird 1990s oddball display has two Kirby Puckett cards encapsulated in plastic. One of them being his Topps rookie, so does it deserve to be featured alongside my other Puckett rookies? Probably not, it was printed off later. :/. It’s still pretty cool, and I only traded two cards from our dollar bin for it. Trades were easy to come by as most everyone who’s shown up have empty wallets and show-plague. If it were possible to be worn down by so many shows, this #FirstWorldProblem was on display Sunday.

Matt shared some of his soon-to-be-graded card porn. Beautiful. Can’t wait to see what their grades come back as… plus who doesn’t love original Allen & Ginter??

With an assist from the previously mentioned Kirby Puckett display piece, here’s a 1970 Topps scratch off game. I had one of these, but the second half was ripped off. An intact replacement was welcome. :).


Cheap pickups – inserts, 70s oddball, and a few parallels and variations. Yep.


The highlight of the bunch. Two buybacks, and a beautiful Rated Rookie #/d insert Kennys Vargas from Rich, a scribbled on Herb Score for Angela’s collection, and the only Topps card that I needed for flagship between 1968 and the current year. Stupid high series 1972s…

Rich had by far the most tables of anyone at the show, and we worked a previous great deal for acquiring Twins cards. Lots of parallels and inserts there, and check out the numbered/serial cards. The Wesley Johnson is the oddity of the bunch, as it’s numbered #/d xxx/499.


Oh, did I mention ex-Twins pitcher Pat Mahomes was present signing?


Because I may have taken advantage of that. Super nice guy, even talked a bit about planning a trip to Target Field with Torii(Hunter) and LaTroy(Hawkins) this summer, and how “Terry”(read as Terry Ryan, Twins GM) has been trying to have him as a pitching coach in the minors for years. His reply paraphrased “I’ve already rode enough buses for that. I’m good.” Also, Pat may have hinted that he passed along the contact info for the previously mentioned, now retired, ex-Twins to the show organizers. I’d gladly welcome them to future shows!

Still watching: Home Run Derby – Bob Allison edition.
Next up: I swear I’ll get to 70s miscuts eventually…
Shoulder: Weather related arthritis/pain. :/.

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Two day show, part one. Saturday.

This past weekend was the grand two day show, and Saturday especially was a two-for-one. With a post card show(I admit, I didn’t know they had these…) next door to our card show, there was plenty to pick up.

As the 7th show in 8 weeks most dealers were more than ready to trade with others, and we were no different. Vendors didn’t seem to have much new, so after meeting up with the usual crowd (and getting a few surprises), we decided to checkout the post card show. What a great idea that was!


15$ paid for a program for the year we won the World Series was a steal. Some of the photos inside were real groovy(well, it was the sixties)!


Dodgers versus Twins, in a 1965 program? Be you some prophet? Also, that really looks like it would hurt the spine. The neighborhood play rule was recently changed, but in those days, wouldn’t it have been better to slide feet first? As opposed to head first? You’d think someone who at the time had nearly 300 stolen bases and 586 in his career would know the advantages.


Depending on when this was published, Tommy McDonald may or may not have been a Cowboy anymore, as he only played in Dallas in 1964. He spent seven years in Philadelphia before moving around team to team. His touchdown in the 1960 championship certainly influenced the 17-13 final. He retired from football in 1968. The six time pro-bowler was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998.


A very young Rod Carew watching intently, honing his defensive skills. Bethea, Renick, Quilici, and Carew all would make appearances for the Twins. While Quilici would take over the manager reigns in 1972 and would hold the post till 1976… Rod Carew is an all-time Twins player, Cooperstown enshrined, and the brightest star in this photo. :).


If the photo were taken on September 6th, 1964, to have that beautiful ‘Stang in the photo, the car would have to either an early year 1965 model, or a 1964 and a half model. Either way, I need a change of boxers. It’s not my favorite(’67 fast back) model, but like the Twins in 1965, it was a good year. :). We also picked up a few ad-pieces at the post card show.


Semi-naked Killer… *shudders*.


It’s almost like this was a card….  Oh, right.


I think he can!


A full Sporting News from 1968! Pictures from inside this soon.

Finally, here’s a few Angela pulled for us. She loved the wildest cartoon drawing, and the cloth feel to the pennants. I’m pretty sure I have the non-stat back Exhibit, but the stat back is more rarer. All around, a very Harmon Killebrew kind of day. An eventful first day with some very nice pickups – aged newspaper clippings, trades, and new wax alike.

Now watching: Home Run Derby on youtube.
Up next: Sunday’s pickups.

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Repacked cards are what they are, mostly junk wax, but there’s occasionally a diamond in the rough. There’s usually three configurations I’ve seen 5 cards for a dollar(waste), 20 cards for a dollar, or 30 cards for a buck. Unfortunately the 30 card repacks are harder to find, and I think they’ve discontinued them. :(. However, the 20 card repacks seem to have slightly better cards inserted. I recently opened a few and figured I would share them. The first three were 20 count repacks, and the last was a 30 count.


A dupe Tom Kelly, Frick Frack and Hack, some not quite junk, not quite vintage, and a few Upper Deck action shots. The miscut Astros probably has a destined home with Matt.


The most recent cards so far 2004 Fleer, and 2001 Bowman Gold. I always loved that 1995 Score design. Paul “Kia” Sorrento dupe, and a glowing dark back 1991 Topps Astros card. Headed the same way as the previous miscut.


2011 Panini EEE, and our oldest so far a 1982 Donruss. Oldest and newest in the same repack. This seemed to have a mix of old and new, not too many junk wax era cards. Gotta love that 2005 Donruss Joe Nathan dupe though, 3/3 on Twins. :).


Make that 4/4 with the Scott Erickson Bowman. Super glossy Catfish Hunter, some mid-80s “vintage” and a Fleer Gold. Lotta junk with this 30 count. Bob Welch OPC is yours Night Owl, if you want it.

Overall, this is what you can expect – a mix of this and that. The occasional older product, usually Donruss or Fleer, but more often 1988-1993 is what you’ll find, especially Topps and Upper Deck. My best pickup so far was a 1991 Chippah rookie with a gum stained back.

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January 31st Card Show!

It’s been awhile since our last card show. Two weeks! I didn’t pick up as much this time, nor were there any signatures to get, but I did pick these up – highlights below:


Outfielder Miguel Sano. Still not used to hearing that. Dude can mash though. +/- 30 home runs this year? I’ll say 36, tapering off at the end of the season. If the Twins are going to be in contention, they’ll need his lively bat.


Some parallels of Twins/Senators. Not sure whether I needed these or not, but always good to have dupes for TTM mailing. :]. Do yourself a favor and watch this video of the still spry Conrado “Connie” Marrero in his native Cuba. He recalls a game in that clip where Ted Williams smacked two dingers against him – a date which bbref would put as August 11th, 1954. While you’re checking links, do yourself a favor and read Corey Koskie’s write-up on The Player’s Tribune.


Early/Mid-90s Fleer inserts. Again, I think I may have one or two of these, and until I get the card database up and running with all 10,000+ unique entries, I’ll have to suffer with dupes. Such blind, much foil. 



But Tris Speaker never played for the Senators you say! He’s even wearing a Cleveland Indians uniform! Oh, but he did! 1927. Plus, my collection knows no limits. I had a Todd Walker like this, but not this specific card. To the minor league binder it goes….


Speaking of card #’s. Had these handed to me by Matt. Can’t complain about a “relic” and a #/d 199 Denard Span.

20160202_123850 20160202_123855

The big pickup from this show though was another 1914 Blanket. Longtime Washington Senators player, and eventual manager – George McBride. Great name but not so talented player, despite having four consecutive years of MVP ballot mentions none higher than 14th, George finished his career with a .214 batting average, 1203 hits, and 447 RBIs in 1,660 games played.

Can’t wait for the next show!

On-deck: More card show highlight/pickups – 70s printing error/misprint edition. Also, maybe a guest post by the litte lady.
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Short update: I went through all the previous posts and added categories and tags for ya’ll. Should be easier to follow stuff you actually like versus all my rants.
Shoulder: pain free :].

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December card show.

January’s DFW metroplex card show features ex-Senators Eddie Robinson as a signing guest, who as Wikipedia states:

Robinson is the last living person to win the World Series with the Cleveland Indians, as well as the oldest living player to play on a World Series-winning team, and the oldest living member of the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees.

So you just know I’ll be in attendance with MLB ball in hand. :). I just love picking up old MLB player’s autographs, as seen here. Before that happens though, I’d like to cover December’s show!

I started with visiting the Arkansas super-collector/flipper who had new Heritage to check, before I could get too deep though, Angela interrupted this to lemme know Matt and Rich had things for me as well(Sidenote, both are Twitter must follows.). Things they had indeed!

Matt had this amongst other pickups set aside for me. Sam Rice in black and white. I had never seen these before – I assumed they were Exhibits just based on their appearance. Rich said he thought they were ’36 Goudey Wide Pen Premiums. Google and teamsets4u – my go to for checklists – disagreed. I did a reverse google image search, and the results were that it’s even older! a 1929 Kashin Publications R316 card. Produced in the New York area, with Charles Conlon posed photographs, some of which were also featured in W553/W554 sets. Wonderful addition to my vintage collection…even if it’s not really a Twins player, but a Twins franchisee.

Matt had even more kryptonite for me, blank back Twins. 1988T, 1992T not exactly desirable – but who can’t love Shane “I always slide in my cards” Mack, and Kirby Puckett?!?

This stack of hawkey started my obsession from the previous post. What’s not to love about new vintage? None newer than 79/80. :). Lou Nanne, Cesare Maniago and more – North Stars greats from before my time.

Speaking of 70s cards, these were scribbled on by some random guys… He had more, but these three were the first to be picked up, there’s gonna be more shows. :). I took one look at that 1970T Bob Miller and knew I had to have it.

Matt also raided a storage locker for junk wax packs to rip. These aren’t being ripped though. :). Twins on front/back packs…or how I learned to stop worrying and love the hoard.

Not junk wax: a 1985 Fleer cello pack. Of course, I opened it, and amongst the busts and junk wax, I found these two guys about four cards apart in the middle of the cello:


I heard they were pretty good at the based ball. If you zoom in, the Clemens even has a small printer’s cut line on the bottom. I also opened up many, many 1988/1989 Score packs, which yielded the infamous nut scratcher(unedited!) card:


Knowing we both share a love for mis-cut cards, errors/variations and other oddities, he showed me his newest PC pickup, a 2001 Topps Traded miscut Albert Pujols!


Rich also had a small stack set aside for me. Heritage/Flagship buybacks. Straight into the strange/vintage insert binder these went. ’58,’60’,64,’74,’77 – can’t go wrong with those years, especially a Hall of Fame member, fan favorite in Sievers, and a future manager of the team in Goryl.



I spent the rest of the show talking about baseball, vintage cards, and taste testing different aged gum. 1981 Fleer tasted the best, 1989 Topps the worst, in my opinion. Can’t wait for this weekend’s show!

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