It came! 

After some snafu with processing my card got fixed, my new favorite item in my Ryan Eases collection showed up today! Every now and then the minor league teams will auction off their theme night jerseys for charity, and the Chattanooga Lookouts recently paired with the Hydrocephalus Association for their rescheduled Star Wars night(originally scheduled May 4th, held June 24th). So when their jerseys for that night hit MiLB Auctions, I knew I had to have his jersey from this event. Someone had a bid in, but never re-bid and for the low price of 120$, this was shipped to my house! Check it out! :). Now just to get it framed!


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The attention span of a …

Maybe it’s social media’s availability, maybe it’s lack of self-control, but my attention spans seem to get shorter every year. While creating a catalog of all my Twins relic/autographs for insurance purposes – and to double-check against while at the National – I got distracted by the draft again.

Baseball-Reference is both a blessing and a curse. Everything you could ever want to know is available with a quick search – in this case whether anybody had been drafted out of my home town in Minnesota, or my high schools in Louisiana/Ohio. (For the curious – no.) However, in doing so I checked in on one of my main player super collections – Ryan Eades.

While I knew he was being tested as a reliever for the first time with the Twins this year, I didn’t know they’d briefly moved him up to AAA Rochester. He seemed to succeed with them, so I’m not sure why prior to his 7 day DL stint(6/10) he was sent back down to AA Chattanooga. I’m not the biggest follower of our minor league system though, despite following all of their accounts on twitter. Maybe Rochester needed a spot starter – someone injured?

With Minnesota’s lack of pitching depth, I’d love to see #37 in Mini-sodas. Sporting a much improved WHIP, and ERA in two games(#SmallSampleSizes) with Rochester. I’m lovin’ that K/9, SO/W, and ERA – albeit over 8 IP. If he’ll step it up with Rochester, he could be an option to be a fill-in 4-5th starter with Minnesota come the end of the year. Here’s to hoping – I need new cards to #Collect of his, and a MLB debut would fulfill that!

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I try to keep an eye out for new Ryan Eades cards on ebay, amazon, and COMC. Sometimes it takes months to find new cards, others it’s like Christmas. Unfortunately this was like pickup was more like the latter, having been a few months since I found something not-a-dupe. But I think most would agree a 1/1 printing plate is worth waiting on. Check it out :). I’ve now got 2/4 printing plates for the set, having previously picked up the cyan 1/1.

2013 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball, Magenta 1/1 printing plate.

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The National: Day Two

After a late night, we made it to The National around noon for Friday’s show. After our box break yesterday we wanted to focus on either junk wax or vintage cards, preferably vintage. For the most part we spent the day looking around and checking out tables, but we did end up at several dime and quarter boxes pulling mid to late 90s #/d cards.
Two through-the-mail autographs. I understand the divisive nature of purchasing TTM stuff second-hand but I couldn’t complain about a 3$ gamble each. Plus, I mean… Rusty Kuntz – the jokes write themselves.
Some base card pickups, I’m pretty sure these were part of a 10/1$ or 60/5$ bin.

Part of a gift package from Matt. Cool enough dude, especially check out his music review tweets.
Cheap #/d Triple threads cards…. and I didn’t even have to open an over-priced gamble product.
A few of our relic and auto pickups, with one of the Ryan Eades Bowman Sterling autos coming from Jeff.
Angela found these cheaply on the show floor. 1987 set was added to the birth year collection, busted the ’86 set for the Twins inside them. Such a pain to sort due to the shrunken size.
A few pickups for our Austinite friend. Two miscut or misprinted vintage Topps cards, one of them a buyback.

Sir Rodney! Fleer 3000 Club, 1991 Upper Deck hologram error, and a BB-8. 3 for a dollar steals. Woot.

Normally I’d scan these, but most have been put away already since the beginning of the month, and besides these photos were taken during the show! …or some excuse like that. The first booth I remember stopping at had under 10$ Goudey originals, and despite an empty B14 “Blankets” section, the vendor gave us his business card and promised he had more at his store. We ended up leaving with a few 1933 Goudey Senators, and a few 1970s Fleer “Wildest Days” cards. R.G. Laughlin decorated these nice cartoon-y cards, but virtually half the set hasn’t been scanned front and back on any of the regular sites. This makes it hard to make a true 100% checklist for those with collecting problems – any mention of a Senators’ player and like Pokemon, we’ve gotta have it.

From there we hit up the cheap boxes, adding several Donruss, Leaf, and Upper Deck parallels. Our pulling only stopped by the 3 p.m. Blowout giveaway. Once the show closed we had intended to meet up with Robert and see Suicide Squad in the Tropicana theaters, but bought tickets for the showing after his and instead settled on food. The Broadway Burger/Bar was to die for – despite our mix-up. With 20 minutes to our show time I decided to order this tremendous 24 ounce burger – to be surprised by the waiter asking what size shirt I’d wear and warning that they’d be putting my face on the wall if I finished the burger. Oops. First time for everything – and yes I finished it with time to spare. :). The movie was pretty good too, despite what the reviewers have said. Saturday was our final full day at the show, and we intended to pull only vintage cards, wait till you see what we pulled.

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May 7th Card Show.

I’ve given a few box breaks of Diamond Kings and Perennial Draft Picks in the past, so instead of rehashing that, here’s the highlights of a recent break during a card show. The show continued on Sunday, but being Mother’s Day, let’s just say my presence was required in more important places. Box one – another 2015 Diamond Kings. Sure I can’t strike gold every time I break a box, but you can’t make contact without swinging the bat! Plus I pulled a Twins hit! How often does that happen?

25 Rookies base
61 Base cards
Three short-prints, but 0 #/d cards. :(. Worse still, two of the short prints were the same player. :(.
Two framed Diamond Kings – #45 Eric Hosmer, #181 Terrance Gore.
Two DK Originals – #6 Madison Bumgardner, #8 Jose Abreu.
Two Nicknames – #3 Mariano Rivera, #5 Lou Gehrig.
Two Aficionados – #14 Rusney Castillo, #16 Miguel Cabrera.
Two HOF Sluggers – #3 Harmon Killebrew, #18 Johnny Bench.
Two minis – #202 Addison Russell, #238 Raisel Iglesias.
#082/299 Anthony Ranaudo dual relic, auto, and a #48/99 Joe Mauer bat, jersey relic!

With the lottery ticket out of the way, I broke three more cheap boxes of Perennial Draft Picks. A big spender saw the players I was pulling and decided to break a few himself. More on that later.
Box two Base – 103.
7 Inserts
4 2013 Draft Class – #113 Hunter Renfroe, #124 Billy McKinney, #131 Jason Hursh, #135 Cody Stubbs
2 Minors Gold – #2 Kaleb Cowart, #17 Dylan Bundy …..
1 Draft Hits – #11 Preston Beck
5 Prizm
2 Base – #13 Chris Taylor, #55 Stetson Allie
1 2013 Draft Class – #140 Ryan McMahon
1 Minors Gold – #2 Kaleb Cowart…..
1 Draft Hits – #13 Ross Stripling

1 Prizm #/d – Stat Leaders #3 Joey Gallo #11/20. Not a bad #/d card!

4 Autographs
Jeremy Rathien, Austin Wilson, Andrew Knapp, Aaron Judge #42/100 red prizm.

Box three:
102 base.
7 Inserts
4 2013 Draft Class – #106 Colin Moran, #108 Hunter Dozier, #128 Rob Kaminsky, #130 Travis Demeritte
2 Minors Gold – #13 Nick Williams, #23 D.J. Peterson
1 Draft Hits – #5 Tom Murphy

5 Prizm
2 Base – #3 Alen Hanson, #45 Mike O’Neill
1 2013 Draft Class – #106 COlin Moran
1 Minors Gold – #14 Sean Gilmartin
1 Draft Hits – #14 Josh Turley1 Prizm #/d – #16 Cory Vaughn #39/75
4 Autographs
#33 Aaron Judge prizm, #49 Byron Buxton(!) prizm, #62 Dixon Machado prizm, #98 Devon Travis
Very nice group here. So it was about this point that the big spender was paying for his second box, and I grabbed my third. Before I could start the third box he pulls this:

A #097/100 Byron Buxton! He said he had no real attachment to keeping it, and he’d be open to trading when we finished. Sweet. Box 4:
102 base.
7 Inserts
4 2013 Draft Class – #103 Hunter Dozier, #123 Alex Gonzalez, #130 Travis Demeritte, #134 Sean Manaea
2 Minors Gold – #5 Byron Buxton, #18 Kris Bryant – How’s about that?
1 Draft Hits – #4 Max Muncy

5 Prizm
2 Base – #41 Max Muncy, #84 Ryan Aper
1 2013 Draft Class – #106 Colin Moran
1 Minors Gold – #7 Maikel Franco
1 Draft Hits – #14 Josh Turley

2 Prizm #/d – #50 Richie Shaffer #058/100, #77 Tom Windle #063/100

4 Autographs#70 Alex Yarbrough, #77 Anthony DeSclafani prizm, #86 Chris Taylor prizm, #96 Austin Kubitza prizm.

So wrapping up the four boxes, and some searching on Beckett, COMC, and Ebay pricing later, we agreed to trade the prizm Aaron Judge(but not numbered!) and the Cory Vaugh prizm base #/d card for the #/100 Byron Buxton. Four boxes, three Twins – not bad. As this was during a card show, I had a few purchases there too. Namely some vintage: ’51 Bowman Irv Noren, ’53 Bowman Pete Runnels, ’55 Bowman Jim Lemon, and two ’52 Topps Eddie Yost, Floyd Baker. Also a few PC pickups:

Two retail parallels, a home and state parallel, and a #181/199 Chrome. If these are the types of shows Duane is gonna run, count me in for future shows!

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Over ten years ago I injured myself playing baseball. I sought physical therapy, had a surgery to repair a torn labrum. Things never quite worked out for me afterwards. While a  teammate is in the big leagues, and my coach’s son is in the Twins minor league system, I’ll undergo the surgeon’s knife again this Friday. This time to try a capsular plication.

It’s probably just my high school’s tenth reunion this summer that’s got my mind on alternate realities where none of this happened. Probably better off, regardless, for had I not been injured I probably wouldn’t have rejoined the #Collect-a-verse. Either way…I’ll let Another__Castle take the reins on posting for awhile while I rehab, and I’ll return to post with hopefully some major pickups!

Ignore her grammar mistakes, and put away the pitchforks. She won’t be in charge long, hopefully. I have a few ideas to rant about for when I come back, including another peek inside the 1965 Twins program, 70s miscuts and errors, a card show? Maybe even a 1964 year in review – bringing the blog back to it’s roots.

For now, enjoy this.


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March 6th Adat Chaverim show

Another weekend, another card show. We’re right in the middle of a six or seven weekend stretch with card shows, while most would love to have that sort of card heaven, my wallet is hurting. We had planned to set up as sellers either for Rich’s show, or for the two day show that’s coming in a few weeks. I just didn’t think we’d have enough for the two day show, and was proven right. We went to Rich’s show with seven 5,000 count boxes and left with two at the end of the day. We’ll still attend the two day show though as there’s an ex-Twin, Pat Mahomes, signing. He’s no Twins Hall of Famer like Brad Radke or Bert Blyleven, but he still suited up for us.

So we arrive 45 minutes before the show and were instantly greeted by our Arkansas dealers Mike and Kyle. They too were “late” to setup but said they had a few surprises for us. We started to unload Angela’s truck when they commented they just picked up a really nice Kirby Puckett. Thoughts of an autographed/relics Triple Threads-y card ran through my head when he mentioned that it was his earliest Puckett he’d ever seen. I’ve done enough research to know that could mean either a 1983 minor league card, or an 1984 Fleer Update. My research checked out when Kyle handed me the 1983 Tyson Visalia Oaks minor league team set, with Kirby Puckett. He also handed me a binder with miscellaneous oddball stuff inside it and said he just picked these up, and knew I’d love most of it. He wasn’t lying as I picked up all of the below, and the signed Luis Tiant featured further down for under 15$.

As we were bringing in our last load of boxes Matt stopped us and told us his stopped by the police story where they probably assumed he was a drug smuggler from Mexico with his stacks and stacks of cards. After being searched, he said he just barely made it into town for the show. It’s always nice to catch up with him as he’s a great story teller with plenty to share, and he’ll usually bring up some junk wax boxes…which I shouldn’t need to tell ya I love. ;).
Cc5L9a-UkAAqLF4So we setup and have a few sales and trades, including a trade that saw me giving up a Johnny Manziel chrome #/399 base rookie card for Vikings or Twins. The Manziel trader who was also a dealer, showed me his Vikings stuff first and I settled on a few. But that was before he showed me his Twins cards. I instantly took the Ryan Eades chrome and asked if he’d accept that in trade and explained the Eades collection. We added a few more to each side and went about the show.
Cc9PANtVAAEyfBaCc9LhRzUIAAb4GzAt this show in particular Rich has grab bags with redemption slips for various prizes which we tried a few of, and donated or sold most of our prizes. Angela insisted she wanted the Indians 8×10 autographed photos. Fair enough.

It was about this time that Kyle came back around and added a few more things for me to look at including a few posters, folders, and 8x10s. At a few dollars a piece I couldn’t go wrong, but he also showed me this cap signed by Harmon Killebrew.
Cc9Fy9uUYAEKw-ICc9FzkxUYAA3OGFThere’s some disputes about how the store he bought it from obtained it, but the story goes that the card shop nearest the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown occasionally picked up stuff from the Hall and this was one of them. A game used, signed, Harmon Killebrew cap. The card store went out of business recently(something I had heard elsewhere also), and sold a majority of their inventory really cheap. I had no doubts the autograph was real I own several on different objects and this looked in-line with my other memorabilia. So now I’m on the hook for some oddball stuff, the first ever Kirby Puckett issued card, and a signed Harmon Killebrew gamer. I was prepared to offer up my entire showcase to bring down the price, but was floored when he only wanted 200 for everything… The Kirby Puckett rookie alone averages 150-200$ on ebay in ungraded form, and upwards of 1200$ with a decent PSA grade. I saw two auctions for Killer game used caps and found two – one with no autograph that sold for 600$, and another that sold with autograph and certificate of authenticity for 1200$. By far my biggest steal of a deal ever, and the cap alone made my month.

I was able to sell a few boxes as a whole to a few people and went to searching other dealers, including someone who posted on the new DFW card show Facebook group. Apparently he’s a senior VP for Beckett Media, and was selling a variety of different sports, several discount auto/relic/insert boxes, and a few show pieces. Kin had come by earlier and showed me two Ryan Eades Elite Extra Edition autographs he found and set them aside for me. I knew I had to search the other discount boxes, and found several I wanted at 1$ a piece. I also found this card for CardJunk:
Cc9MghYUIAABP_PCc9LuprVAAI6L4OCc9LAMpUYAEdYZkStale Gum on the Twitters was in town to catch opening night for MLS, and came to the card show as well. After handing him the stuff I had set aside for him, he went to the previously mentioned insert box and pulled many of them. I settled with the Beckett dealer and saw he had a cheap Fran Tarkenton 1962 rookie. I’m still on the fence about collecting non-baseball cards, but for the price I paid for Frannie I figured when/if I choose to chase Vikings I wouldn’t have to worry how much I’d have to pony up.
Cc-JEP-VAAAStC0As we were packing up we saw a frequent big spender had bought an uncut sheet of Panini basketball and asked if he’d let us take a picture or three, which he didn’t mind. The sheet only had one Timberwolves player, a shame. He said he picked the sheet up because of the Steph Curry rookie. He’s got a legit shot at MVP this year and I only wish the Twolves had drafted him instead of Johnny Flynn after already picking up Ricky Rubio that draft a few years back. Curry, Rubio, Towns, Wiggins, LaVine, Garnett… I don’t know what to do with this basketball boner…what could have been.
Cc9Uc2lVAAAcOGDCc9UedvUYAAb0iOCc9UhPtUkAARjwHRight before we left Matt threw a bunch of junk wax packs our way, the 1968 Topps Rod Carew above, and a box of 1989 Donruss. I pulled one Inc/Inc. variation I needed for my Twins collection, and this weird print error:
Cc9DAloUMAArq8BOverall we broke even with what we spent/sold, but this was by far the best show I’ve been to for Minnesota sports pickups. A game used item, two key rookies, and a bunch of oddball without breaking the bank too much, plus several sold boxes out of my living room. This show will be hard to beat at future shows. :).

Now playing: Random Youtubers.
Up next: 2016 Donruss & Heritage reviews.
Shoulder: Worst pain in a few months, no doubt intensified by the thunderstorms we’ve had the past few days…

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