It came! 

After some snafu with processing my card got fixed, my new favorite item in my Ryan Eases collection showed up today! Every now and then the minor league teams will auction off their theme night jerseys for charity, and the Chattanooga Lookouts recently paired with the Hydrocephalus Association for their rescheduled Star Wars night(originally scheduled May 4th, held June 24th). So when their jerseys for that night hit MiLB Auctions, I knew I had to have his jersey from this event. Someone had a bid in, but never re-bid and for the low price of 120$, this was shipped to my house! Check it out! :). Now just to get it framed!


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That Snow Moon.

Been a busy week here, we’re taking care of a stray German Shepard until we can find it a home. :/. That said, it’s May 4th, Star Wars day(as in… “May the Fourth be with you”), and I thought it would be cool to check how the Twins fared on Star Wars release days.

Original Trilogy

  • Star Wars(VI) was released May 25th, 1977 – on that day the Twins played a double-header against the Boston Red Sox. The Twins won both 13-5, and 9-4 respectively.
    Top performers: Game One(13-5) – Rod Carew had four singles and a double, Lyman Bostock(2 doubles), Larry Hisle(5 RBIs, all with 2 outs), Larry Hisle, Dan Ford mashed home runs. Game Two(9-4) – Rod Carew(1 RBI), Lyman Bostock(2 walks, 1 RBI), Glenn Adams(3 RBI) with two hits each.
  • The Empire Strikes Back(V) was released May 21st, 1980 – on that day the Twins took the field against the Chicago White Sox, and won 3-2. Despite giving the Sox a run in the 9th, the Twins prevailed.
    Top performers: John Castino had 4 hits, and Jose Morales had two of his own, including a HR. Geoff Zahn pitched 9IP/7H/2R/2ER/4BB/2K finishing the game in 2 hours and 33 minutes – 30 minutes longer than Empire.
  • Return of the Jedi(VI) was released on May 25th, 1983 – the Twins played the Baltimore Orioles that night, winning 7-4 with the 4 run second inning being the difference.
    Top performers: Kent Hrbek(2-5, 4 RBI), Bobby Mitchell(2-5, 1 RBI), Gary Gaetti(3-4, 1 RBI).

Pre-quel Trilogy

  • The Phantom Menace(I) was released May 19th, 1999 – the Twins played the Seattle Mariners and were 5-hit shutout in a 7-0 loss.
    Top performers: Chad Allen(2-3, SB).
  • Attack of the Clones(II) was released May 16th, 2002 – the Twins destroyed the Kansas City Royals 14-5 with 18 hits! Another double filled Twins/Star Wars night, as Jay Canizaro, Denny Hocking, David Ortiz, Bobby Kielty, and Brian Buchanan tallying two baggers. Ex-Twin Chuck Knoblauch went 0-3, with a walk and two stolen bases.
    Top performers: Torii Hunter(4-6, 2 HR, 4 RBI), Jacque Jones(2-6, HR, 2 RBI), Cristian Guzman(HR, 1 RBI), Tom Prince(2-4, HR, 3 RBI). Kyle Lohse(4), Jack Cressend(1), Bob Wells, and Mike Trombley(4) only gave up nine hits through 9 innings.
  • Revenge of the Sith was released May 19th, 2005 – the Twins matched up against the Toronto Blue Jays that day(first non-night game), winning 4-0 on a 7 hitter by starter Joe Mays.
    Top performers: Michael Cuddyer(1-4, 2B, 2 RBI), Mike Redmond(2-4, 2 RBI), Joe Mays(9 IP/7H/0R/0ER/0BB/2K).

We all lost the night Phantom Menace was released(the jokes write themselves…), but all in all, the Twins play really well on Star Wars release nights(5-1). The Force Awakens opened December 18th, 2015, Rogue One December 16th, 2016, and The Last Jedi is set to open December 15th, 2017 – but Episode IX returns to a May release – the 24th in 2019. I predict a win! May the 4th be with you. :).

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The National: Day One

We’re finally back from the wedding and it’s been a mild August for Texas. Low to mid 80s are a welcome change, global cooling for the temporary win. As part of honeymoon, we spent a few days attending The National Sports Collector’s Convention. Our first day at The National was Thursday, it was really day two of NSCC, but we didn’t attend the early preview Wednesday, as is our tradition…  We spent most of the day digging and searching through all the things, meeting up with some great peeps, and going to an after-party. Not a slight against our Dallas shows, but nothing compares to The National in terms of what you’ll find – both new and old – both cards and memorabilia. Plus, where else can you hold a game-used Babe Ruth bat? It truly is an almost mandatory, moldy junkie cardboard collector’s Mecca pilgrimage.

Our first sight of the show floor, we were greeted by Ivan and Rob on stage discussing all the things with a size-able group of minions hanging on every word. Before the end of the day we’d meet up with Mel and Rich, the Biggs family, Jeff, Kevin, Robert, Nick, and Shane. We love this part of the show, and it’s probably our favorite part of The National – maybe even moreso than card pickups.

Our first pickup of the show from the Blowout booth were these packs from Return of the Jedi featuring Wicket. It’s no secret in the Star Wars universe, and on Star Wars Card Trader I’m a huge Wicket fan. SEND ALL WICKET TO JunkWaxVikings! …I err, not sure what happened there. Matrix glitch? Probably. Not too bad though for older wax packs, unopened especially – plus since I was introduced to Star Wars Wicket and the other Ewoks were always my favorite – come at me haters.

Speaking of card pickups there were plenty, the first day we spent most of our time ogling vintage but purchasing dime and quarter box pickups. Our best pickup day one was debatably a 2$ Fred Frankhouse(Red Sox) 1933 Goudey or the final 1964 Topps Twin – #340 Tony Oliva. Only six Twins team sets remain – and only five Senators team sets! So close to completion!

We did also break a box of Panini Optic – pulling most of the team set, three or four numbered cards(including a #/d Carlos Correa) and two Twins autographs(Berrios/Kepler)! I’ll probably never pull two or more Twins in a box again. Fine product I must say. :). In our Panini National redemption packs we pulled a #/99 Larry Bird base, and a #/25 New York Jets Darron Lee relic.

During the Topps Q&A, there was talk mostly of redemptions, complaints, Santa Claus cards, Topps Now and digital apps. While we didn’t win any of the raffle stuff this year, they did have one of one Allen and Ginter cards and Mike Berkus In Memorandum cards for everyone. We of course asked for Twins Allen & Ginter cards and after some searching we left with Jose Berrios and Brian Dozier.

After the show closed we met up with Shane, Kevin, Nick, Robert, and eventually Ivan for an after-party for the ages. This is where the new twatter nickname comes from, “…at my junkiest…”, as someone brought the topic around to oddball errors and variations and I couldn’t remain quiet. 80s and 90s Donruss, Upper Deck, Fleer variation gimmicks, gotta love it. After a few hours long conversation about cards, trading back and forth, and receiving the below self-produced cards we headed for our hotel. All in all, everything made for an epic start for the National and that was only our day one! Look for day two and three soon! :).

For the wedding detail curious, our first dance song was Foo Fighters’ “Everlong”, followed by Florence + The Machine “Never Let Me Go”, mother/son was “Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World” with Grandma standing in as mom was suffering from a nasty flu/infection. Father/daughter dance ensued and they danced to The Beatles “In My Life”. We finished up our dancing with Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight Reprise” and “Tonight Tonight” back to back before opening it up to everyone else. :). Day Two’s post due soon … only a month late!

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