Reduce, Re-use, recycle.

When we were growing up in the early 90s, there was a huge push in our generation to clean up litter, trash, pollution, and to reduce, re-use, and recycle what we could when we could. While we don’t help those efforts as much as we should, this is one such instance that both helps keep the landfills empty, and keeps our card collection in order.

Around this time a year or two ago, we found an excellent re-purposed wine box that perfectly fit magnetic touched/snap down cards. Unfortunately it was just a bit too small to fit top-loaded cards, and it quickly filled up with Twins relics(we keep the autos/IP autos in separate binders). Well, we just struck gold again, this time with a tequila brand decorated box! The best part is that this didn’t break the bank either three whole George Washingtons! 

It did need some work however, as a few of the back screws weren’t attached anymore – something I fixed with a few extra computer screws I had laying around. Once those were installed, the box shut and opened properly. :).

Once a home to a tequila bottle, now it holds all of my Twins relics, a few printing plates, and all of ticket stubs. I think Captain Planet would be proud. Anyone else use re-purposed items with their collection?


#storage, #twins