Two day show, part one. Saturday.

This past weekend was the grand two day show, and Saturday especially was a two-for-one. With a post card show(I admit, I didn’t know they had these…) next door to our card show, there was plenty to pick up.

As the 7th show in 8 weeks most dealers were more than ready to trade with others, and we were no different. Vendors didn’t seem to have much new, so after meeting up with the usual crowd (and getting a few surprises), we decided to checkout the post card show. What a great idea that was!


15$ paid for a program for the year we won the World Series was a steal. Some of the photos inside were real groovy(well, it was the sixties)!


Dodgers versus Twins, in a 1965 program? Be you some prophet? Also, that really looks like it would hurt the spine. The neighborhood play rule was recently changed, but in those days, wouldn’t it have been better to slide feet first? As opposed to head first? You’d think someone who at the time had nearly 300 stolen bases and 586 in his career would know the advantages.


Depending on when this was published, Tommy McDonald may or may not have been a Cowboy anymore, as he only played in Dallas in 1964. He spent seven years in Philadelphia before moving around team to team. His touchdown in the 1960 championship certainly influenced the 17-13 final. He retired from football in 1968. The six time pro-bowler was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998.


A very young Rod Carew watching intently, honing his defensive skills. Bethea, Renick, Quilici, and Carew all would make appearances for the Twins. While Quilici would take over the manager reigns in 1972 and would hold the post till 1976… Rod Carew is an all-time Twins player, Cooperstown enshrined, and the brightest star in this photo. :).


If the photo were taken on September 6th, 1964, to have that beautiful ‘Stang in the photo, the car would have to either an early year 1965 model, or a 1964 and a half model. Either way, I need a change of boxers. It’s not my favorite(’67 fast back) model, but like the Twins in 1965, it was a good year. :). We also picked up a few ad-pieces at the post card show.


Semi-naked Killer… *shudders*.


It’s almost like this was a card….  Oh, right.


I think he can!


A full Sporting News from 1968! Pictures from inside this soon.

Finally, here’s a few Angela pulled for us. She loved the wildest cartoon drawing, and the cloth feel to the pennants. I’m pretty sure I have the non-stat back Exhibit, but the stat back is more rarer. All around, a very Harmon Killebrew kind of day. An eventful first day with some very nice pickups – aged newspaper clippings, trades, and new wax alike.

Now watching: Home Run Derby on youtube.
Up next: Sunday’s pickups.


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