Topps Traded

Topps Traded.

I’ve added Topps Traded(Update/Updates & Highlights/Traded & Rookies/whatever they’re calling it this week besides Series Three) to the ongoing card database I’m making in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Some interesting tidbits after compiling the sets data…


There were 19 sets produced throughout the years with checklists as one of the cards(Ex. 1981 Topps Traded #132). The least represented team(Expos) had 115 cards in Topps Traded’s run. The team(Yankees) with the most had 494 cards across the set. Team USA has 95 Topps Traded cards – see 1988, 1991, 1992, 1993.

Top Fives.

Combining the two least represented teams(Expos/Nationals) leaves the Rays, and Diamondbacks as the two least represented teams. Makes sense? Duh. The next three in order were the Rockies, Royals, and Twins. The usual suspects are near the top when sorting by most represented: Yankees, Cardinals, Red Sox, Mets, and Dodgers. With that I’ll leave you with the team breakdown.


Yankees 494
Cardinals 390
Red Sox 378
Mets 371
Dodgers 364
Cubs 358
Rangers 352
White Sox 342
Braves 336
Angels 331
Phillies 325
Tigers 317
Padres 316
Athletics 310
Mariners 295
Indians 292
Astros 277
Blue Jays 277
Nationals+Expos 277
Brewers 277
Pirates 274
Marlins 273
Reds 272
Orioles 262
Giants 259
Twins 250
Royals 242
Rockies 233
Diamondbacks 219
Rays 203
Nationals 162
Expos 115


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National Baseball Card Day.

This past Saturday was not only National Baseball Card Day, but it was also the day of our monthly card show. I’ll get to Topps’ promotion in a second, but first let’s see what I picked up at the show!

Whenever I get a message like this, I know it’s going to be a great show.

I’ve been through most of the dealers showcases in the room, so whenever Rich tells me he’s got new cards it’s usually to my benefit. Especially from that source. We ran into our usual show-goers Leon, Kin, as well as David and his son Justin(who promised to have new O-Pee-Chee at the next show!). Ang kinda mingled around the room with everyone while I went through Rich’s boxes.

When purchasing cards, mostly everyone focuses on the player on card/s and condition of said card/s. While Rich I’m sure does, he’s got a great selection of horribad cards too. Check these out:

A few that were mis-cut and aligned. I love that you can see the cut lines on the top two cards – obviously someone took half the day off. Or the whole decade off…

When I saw all of these together, I knew that I had to take a few pictures for Night Owl. Top to bottom, left to right, these really make the psychedelic 1975 Topps even worse.

Speaking of psychedelic…. Make sure to align the different print plates, otherwise you’ll end up with the above Jim Pappin.

If you’re in the printing business, you should probably cut along the lines – something I thought was taught in kindergarten. Check out this oversized Craig Swan. Von Joshua is the ‘standard’ sized for effect.

…and then there’s this Bill Mazeroski. It’s not even a straight slanted line! It’s curved off near the middle!

As for the cards that I actually bought… at the National Rich bought 1200 buybacks, several of which fit my collecting needs. Featuring buybacks of Twins and a Logan Morrison RC!

This poor conditioned Ron Perranoksi card won’t fit in with my 1970 team set, but will Shirley fit into my Topps misfits and oddballs binder! Once a 16 game winner(1963) as a relief pitcher, Perranoski spent parts of four seasons with the Twins winning 25 against 29 losses in 244 appearances. While with the team he received a few MVP votes(12th, 13th), and finishing in 7th place for the 1970 Cy Young Award(34 saves, 111 IP in 67 games probably had something to do with this…).

I swear I’ll never get around to categorizing all of these – I’m not sure if I need these or not until I open my binders/boxes.

I could say that for the majority of the above, but I know for a fact the Topps Traded  len Whitehouse and the two ’88 Leaf are brand new – and finishes off the ’88 Leaf team set.

These Topps Ticket To Stardom fall into the same category where I don’t know if I needed them beforehand, but this was a completely new Topps Heritage High team set. I love it any time I can pick them all up at once instead of ‘shotgun spread’-ing them a few at a time.

I saw this bright and sharp Jerry Zimmerman, and while it’s only a slight improvement, into the 1960s Topps binder it goes!

After leaving the show we went to the nearby shop for National Baseball Card Day. While the owner is normally an elderly curmudgeon, today he was particularly fiesty. Topps’ promotion was a free pack *PER* person, but with a 10$ purchase you’d get a special Mike Trout card.

Simple enough, but reading through it seems that not all shops got that message. Ours in particular decided that after a certain point, he informed us that he was restricting it to one pack per group. Okay, not cool – but that’s his decision. I understand these shops had to pay a certain amount per box of free packs.

WHICH would have been fine, had he enforced it to everyone who entered after us as well. Sexist stereotypes aside, the issue was that Angela didn’t get a pack, while every group afterwards of men and fathers and sons got multiple packs was enough to cause a melt down. Ang don’t play that shit.

Our free pack, for what it’s worth.
1989, 1994, 2006 Upper Deck.

For our 10$ we bought a few packs of S2, and one pack of Topps Heritage Minors, the only highlight of any of them was this Miguel Sano.

All for naught, we left after our purchase and she ranted on Twitter while we drove to our favorite LCS.

Not only did he make up for the other owner’s crud attitude, Ang got the Miguel Sano promo card in her free pack! Interestingly, outside of the LCS vendors, women outnumbered men the entire time we were in there(4-2!) – including a daughter/sister of the Ben/Tom Grieve clan!

Happy wife, happy life.

So that was our NBCD. A great show, a bad LCS experience, and our great shop sweeping in to save the day. I think we’ll stick to our favorite shop from now on….

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