2018 Topps Chrome Update

Long time, no talk. Unfortunately not much to add, other than I’ve got a podcast/stream you can check out most Wednesday nights here, here, or on iTunes by searching ‘About The Cards Pod’ – and I’ve got a checklist in progress below for 2018 Topps Chrome Update(need below):

2018 TCU: 2,3,5,10,12,19,26,28,34,38,41,47,51,55,59,60,68,73,76,77,80,87,90,93,94,96,99,100

2018 TCU An International Affair: IA-FF,IA-GS,IA-GT,IA-I,IA-JA,IA-JV,IA-KD,IA-MM,IA-MT,IA-YC,IA-YM